Sep. 27th, 2011 11:59 am
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What did they do to delicious?! That is not a website. That is a gigantic pile of bugs. NOTHING WORKS. The export doesn't work. The bookmarklet doesn't work. Edits from the last couple of weeks have vanished. The delete function appears to be glitchy as hell. You can't use / in the tags. Editing private bookmarks defaults to setting them public unless you manually recheck the private option. The tags only bring up the most recent 10 results. That's totally useless. What possessed them to break the primary navigation tool?! You even can't look at a tag list. It's completely fucking ridiculous.

I have a Diigo account at that I suspect is going to be seeing a lot more use.

Contact info for AVOS
contact info here:
on Facebook here:!/AVOS_com!/delicious

Some newsposts I've run across talking about the move (which I can't bookmark because the site is broken, GODDAMMIT)

A copy of the email I sent support with detailed description of the problems.

It does not make a good first impression when your allegedly new and improved website is totally non-functional. Still, I would rather not have to switch to a different service, so here's a list of problems that I've noticed so far (with profanity removed.)

1.The bookmarklet does't work. The popup appears to function normally, but no new links have appeared since the changeover.

2. The export doesn't work.

3. The tags don't display more than ten results and there is no way to get it to display more. I'm assuming that this must be a glitch, since it renders the tags completely usless. I have several thousand bookmarks. If the only way to find anything is to page through a chronological list, there is really no point to having an account. There isn't even any way to see a masterlist of all your tags. The only tags you can see are (I think) the ones that are on the links currently displayed on the page. There are no words for how much this DOESN'T HELP the 'can't find anything' issue.

4.Half of the edits made in the last few weeks are not showing up.

5. When you save changes to a link, or even if you close the edit popup without saving anything, the site dumps you back at the first page of your links, requiring you to navigate back to the page you were on, which adds several steps and a great deal of aggravation to the process of cleaning up the problems from point 4.

6. The delete function does not appear to be working correctly anyway. Deleted items appear to go away, but half the time they show up again when the page is refreshed.

7. Any edited bookmark defaults back to public unless you re-check the private option. That's a problem waiting to happen. It should not be to much to ask that companies at least pretend that they don't actively want to screw over user privacy.

8. Tags that contain / symbols don't work at all. I garantee plenty of people are going to have fits over that. In addition, there isn't any way of fixing the tags in question because the rename tags and do bulk edit features are currently down.

9. What is the "has:au" tag and what is it doing on my bookmarks? I certainly didn't add it. I assume this is meant to be some sort of useful categorization thing, but it is the sort of thing that needs to be documented somewhere. If I wanted a tag for everything that contains uses the tag "au", I could do that myself. I am not enthused about some sort of automatic process tampering with my organization scheme.

10. The delicious button in my web browser now leads to the homepage instead of to my bookmarks. I don't care about the homepage. I doubt I went to it a dozen times in the several years I have been using the site, and that was before it was plastered with videos. In short, this is yet another feature that is now useless.

11. People are no doubt already screaming about the lack of tag bundles

12. Incidentally, that stupid mascot thing is hideous and looks like it was drawn by a six year old. At least that is easily fixed with adblock.


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