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So, I was reading Inda by Sherwood Smith, and enjoying it. Even though I ended up going to the bookstore to get the rest of the series today, because it ended in )

In other news, I never realized how many fictional characters don't have last names before I started tag wrangling for the Archive of Our Own. A whole lot of fantasy series don't use family names for anyone but nobles, and some don't even do that. This has some historical basis, but it makes things kind of complicated when you need a way to keep characters from different fandoms straight. And that's without even getting into names from mythology. Almost all of the fandoms that I've been wrangling have at least one character with only one name, and in a few, nobody has more than one name. So you end up needing things like "Anubis (God)" and "Anubis (Goa'uld)" or "Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes) for the official versions that the filters use to sort stories. So I've been having fun with that.
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Yay! I finally finished adding all of the fiction books into Librarything. All, um, 6400 of them. No wonder it took eight months. Of course, there are probably about as many non-fiction books, but I'm not worrying about them yet.
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Okay, this site looks like a lot of fun. I can easily get a stack of books that I probably won't read again from my bookshelves. And it has all three of the Brian Daley books I want my own copies of. :)
My bookshelves are rather crowded anyway.


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