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I spent most of today cleaning. The main part of the house is now swept, vacuumed, and ready for people coming over. It's not quite cleaning ALL the things, but I'm pleased.

On a slightly more interesting note, I've been amusing myself playing Echo Bazaar. (I'm esther_asphodel on Twitter as well, if anyone wants to play.)

1889. Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar.

It's sort of Charles Dickens meets the Addams Family with a little steampunk thrown in. The creepy, whimsical setting and hinted at mysteries are like catnip. I've spent the last few days engaged in a vicious turf war with the gun-smithing rats that have invaded my lodgings.
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This is the sort of thing I have to deal with at family gatherings.

Warped Uncle: "You can't tell that it is the end times until you have been kissed by a South American camel."

Everyone else (with pained expressions): "Why?"

Warped Uncle: "Because it's the alpaca-lypse."
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I spent a couple of hours rearranging one of the bookshelves as part of the ongoing cataloguing project (currently up to 8,328 books, half the nonfiction to go). I only narrowly avoided being eaten by rampaging dust bunny hoards. I suspect some of them were older than I am.


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