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I finally got around to watching the new Clash of the Titans, and all I've got to say is that it's kind of pathetic that the Percy Jackson movie does Greek mythology that much better.
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They are making a John Carter of Mars movie. \o/ I loved the Barsoom books when I was a kid. They are the exactly the sort of thing which I’ve always thought would be ideal for movie adaptations. It’s got airships and cool aliens and multi-limbed riding beasts, and most of the plot is action. And filming is in Utah, too, which is a great place to go for Martian-like landscapes full of twisty red rocks.

I generally try not to have high expectations for movie adaptations of books, but as long as they manage decent special effects and watch the skeevy race and gender stuff in the source material, they hopefully won’t screw it up too badly. That should be managable even for Hollywood, surely? The books are very much a product of their times, the problematic stereotypes are not subtle.

Admittedly, it’s being made by Disny/Pixar, which is a little unexpected. I’m curious what they are going to do on the costuming end. It’s a safe bet that they won’t be following the costumes as described in the book (i.e. jewelry and weapons holsters and not much else). Even the Frazetta illustrations tend toward the skimpy chainmail bikini look.
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I just went to see Wall-E. It is incredibly cute, and its beautifully done, visually. Cutesy kid movies and dystopian sciene fiction are an incredibly strange combination, though. I don’t think the “dumbing it down for the five year olds” thing really works when you are trying to convey social commentary. If I re-watch it, it will have to be by concentrating on the adorable robots. I think I’ll go find some actual rebuilding-civiliztion SF to read.

. Adopt one today!
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My film class just watched Andy Warhol's Dracula.  All of a sudden, I find myself in much greater sympathy for Valerie Solanas.  I find it difficult to believe that it's a cult classic.  I mean, sure, there is a ton of gratuitous sex, lesbian incest, and obviously fake gore, but it still manages to be completely boring.   It tries for funny and achieves random.  I feel like I've been forced to read deliberate badfic for an hour and a half.  If something is relying on deliberate attempts to be shocking, there probably isn't much to it beyond that.  On top of that, it is one of the most blatant examples of "No, really, she'll succumb to your manly forcefulness, women like being raped"  that I have ever seen in a movie. 
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I have clearly been on the internet too long, when phrases like OMGWTFARMADILLOS start turning up in my class notes. Even if it does fit the situation. We were watching the Bela Lugosi Dracula for my film class, and I can not imagine why Dracula’s castle had a couple of armadillos running around in the courtyard. It was decorated in Early Addams Family, (black and white films don’t usually do subtle, as far as I can tell), so maybe they were supposed to be exotic and strange?
At least to someone from the California in the thirties?
Still, I think this was the first film we’ve watched all semester where at least some of the parts we were laughing at were intended to be funny. Even if the bats were laughably fake.


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