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This is what I get for procrastinating by reading old wanks from in the fandom wank wiki. If this post weren’t four years old I would want to argue with this person so badly. Even aside from her peculiar generalizations about “history fanfiction”, gems like this quote make me want to bang my head against a wall.

Well, could you legitimately call it historical fiction if the person that they are writing about is merely the name of a well-known figure taped onto some completely random person who is entirely not who or what that person was (and, in the case of people who are currently alive, who that person is), or if the events are extremely random and could never have taken place during whatever they are discussing (like a Civil War battle between the United and Confederate Sates in, say, New Mexico)? Historical fiction tends to base around something that could have happened in that time, not "hey, this is a name that everyone knows, I'm going to use his name for my character and have him go wage war in (country that didn't even exist at the time)!"

Considering that there were, in fact, a number of battles fought in the New Mexico territory during the Civil War, this argument really doesn’t help the poster’s credibility. Perhaps someone should inform P. G. Nagle that her historical novels are “extremely random and could never take place”? I have heard of the state of New Mexico being mistaken for the country of Mexico before, but this is the first time that I have seen someone claim that we didn’t exist.
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I have gotten too much entertainment from various peoples' mockery of Twilight to hate it, but I find the fact that it has turned into such a pop culture fad kind of bizarre.

Twlight series author Stephenie Meyer broke with horror-novel tradition when she created vampire characters impervious to the sun.

I think that this sort of comment is one of the more annoying aspects of the whole Twilight fad. It's just so utterly wrong. Stoker had Dracula running around in the daytime. The angsty "vegetarian" vampire protaganist is practically a stock TV character. The vampire hero as a vehicle for romantic wish fulfillment has been turning up in supernatural romance novels for years. The only thing SMeyer came up with that's actually new is the sparkling.
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The Imp of the Perverse has set up shop in the credit card machine at work. Someone shoot me now.

W. T. F.

Nov. 15th, 2008 02:17 pm
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Congratulations to Maxipad for the most annoying ad campaign since the fandango paper bag puppets. What (prbably male) idiot came up with this?
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What deranged gremlin decided it was a good idea for the overtype mode in Microsoft Word to randomly switch on?! I almost always have to go and turn it off at some point in the middle of editing a paper.

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The university has actually managed to outdo the lowest depths of ridiculousness and ineptitude of the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division!  I have spent the last three months trying to get them to fix the fact that the computer system (which was obviously programmed by a sadistic ass weasel who sold his soul to the Imp of the Perverse) insists that one of the classes I took last semester doesn’t exist.   My professor has tried to fix it twice without success.  I have been all over the administration buildings trying to find anyone who could even suggest a method for correcting this little snafu.   It took FOUR SEPARATE EXPEDITIONS to the records department to identify and obtain the damned paperwork to get the class put back on my transcript, followed by further chasing all over campus getting the damned paperwork filled out.   It just adds insult to injury that I have to pay an extra fee to fix THEIR screw-up, but I am so fucking sick of dealing with the completely incompetent bureaucracy that I’m not bothering to argue about it.  
And all of this is on top of at least four different course cancellations over the last few years, not to mention the class that went through three different instructors in the first ten weeks.  My supervisor at work would crucify anyone who pulled this sort of bullshit.  

I can’t wait to finish my last few credit hours, get my degree, and get out of this gigantic shrine to Murphy’s Law.
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My film class just watched Andy Warhol's Dracula.  All of a sudden, I find myself in much greater sympathy for Valerie Solanas.  I find it difficult to believe that it's a cult classic.  I mean, sure, there is a ton of gratuitous sex, lesbian incest, and obviously fake gore, but it still manages to be completely boring.   It tries for funny and achieves random.  I feel like I've been forced to read deliberate badfic for an hour and a half.  If something is relying on deliberate attempts to be shocking, there probably isn't much to it beyond that.  On top of that, it is one of the most blatant examples of "No, really, she'll succumb to your manly forcefulness, women like being raped"  that I have ever seen in a movie. 
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I would like to announce that my history professor is a twit. There appears to be even less correlation between this study guide and the lectures for this test than for the last one. You would think that the terms on a study guide would at least be things which were disscussed in class. oh, well, back to studying, I guess.


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