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I ended up giggling in the middle of the grocery store yesterday when I saw this:

A Littlest Pet Shop advertisement for a pair of small, cutesy  toy animals with very large eyes. One is a lavender bat with patches of glitter and the other is wolf. The displayed accessories include a perch for the bat and a pair of apples.

The darker patches on the bat are covered with glitter. The packaging had the words "I Sparkle!" on it. But it was the apples that really cracked me up. They are so random as anything but a deliberate reference that they remove any doubt about who those animals are supposed to be.
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I have gotten too much entertainment from various peoples' mockery of Twilight to hate it, but I find the fact that it has turned into such a pop culture fad kind of bizarre.

Twlight series author Stephenie Meyer broke with horror-novel tradition when she created vampire characters impervious to the sun.

I think that this sort of comment is one of the more annoying aspects of the whole Twilight fad. It's just so utterly wrong. Stoker had Dracula running around in the daytime. The angsty "vegetarian" vampire protaganist is practically a stock TV character. The vampire hero as a vehicle for romantic wish fulfillment has been turning up in supernatural romance novels for years. The only thing SMeyer came up with that's actually new is the sparkling.
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My film class just watched Andy Warhol's Dracula.  All of a sudden, I find myself in much greater sympathy for Valerie Solanas.  I find it difficult to believe that it's a cult classic.  I mean, sure, there is a ton of gratuitous sex, lesbian incest, and obviously fake gore, but it still manages to be completely boring.   It tries for funny and achieves random.  I feel like I've been forced to read deliberate badfic for an hour and a half.  If something is relying on deliberate attempts to be shocking, there probably isn't much to it beyond that.  On top of that, it is one of the most blatant examples of "No, really, she'll succumb to your manly forcefulness, women like being raped"  that I have ever seen in a movie. 
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I have clearly been on the internet too long, when phrases like OMGWTFARMADILLOS start turning up in my class notes. Even if it does fit the situation. We were watching the Bela Lugosi Dracula for my film class, and I can not imagine why Dracula’s castle had a couple of armadillos running around in the courtyard. It was decorated in Early Addams Family, (black and white films don’t usually do subtle, as far as I can tell), so maybe they were supposed to be exotic and strange?
At least to someone from the California in the thirties?
Still, I think this was the first film we’ve watched all semester where at least some of the parts we were laughing at were intended to be funny. Even if the bats were laughably fake.


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